Claim your Free Trial Subscription to the VMware Learning Zone

Want to get a preview of what’s available in the VMware Learning Zone before you commit to a full subscription? How about free training on the latest VMware technologies? If you answered yes, the new VMware Learning Zone Trial Subscription is just what you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what you get with your free subscription: […]

QuickFix: vCenter 6 appliance space issue /storage/core out of space

Issue: vCenter 6 appliance space issue /storage/core out of space /storage/core folder shows 100% used. Resolution SSH into vCSA. issue the command “df -h” to display the disk space status ( /storage/core folder shows 100% used) CD into /storage/core directory issue the command “ls -l -t” to display the files by date. Delete the oldest first.  You […]

QuickTips: How can I tell the SRM version from the log files?

Example header from log file: 2016-11-01T01:49:50.889Z Section for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, pid=26888, version=6.1.0, build=3037005…. VMware Site Recovery Manager server logs are located on the server where SRM is installed, in the All Users profile: For SRM 4.x, 5.x , 6.x : On Windows XP and Server 2003: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\Logs\ […]

CLI Area – Linux

My useful list of commands for daily work (still in development): Description: Commands: Uptime for specific service #1 ps -eo pid,comm,lstart,etime,time,args | grep ServiceName Uptime for specific service #2 (pid) ls -al /proc | grep 18358 Lists installed RPM on linux rpm -qa Uninstall specific “PackageName” rpm -e PackageName  Report the size of directory tree […]