VMware vSphere Beta program 2016 – soon !!

  I’m excited to announce the upcoming VMware vSphere Beta Program. This program enables participants to help define the direction of the most widely adopted industry-leading virtualization platform. Folks who want to participate in the program can now indicate their interest by filling out this simple form. The vSphere team will grant access to the program to selected candidates in stages.This vSphere […]

Getting started with Photon OS and vSphere…

Getting started with Photon OS and #vSphere Integrated Containers (via CormacHogan.com) Getting started with Photon OS and vSphere… There has been a lot of news recently about the availability of vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) v0.1 on Gtihub. VMware have being doing a lot of work around containers, container management and the whole area of cloud […]

New release: PowerCLI 6.3 R1–Download it today!

New release: PowerCLI 6.3 R1–Download it today! New release: PowerCLI 6.3 R1–Download it today! It is my pleasure to inform you that vSphere PowerCLI 6.3 Release 1 has now been released and as usual we have some great features to ensure you are able to automate even more features and in this release, faster than […]

Manually stopping virtual machines with ESXCLI on ESXi

In some cases, virtual machines do not respond to the normal shutdown or stop commands.Not responding in vSphere Client on Vcenter. In these cases, it might be necessary to manually shut down the virtual machines. # List all running virtual machines on the system to see the World ID of the virtual machine that you […]

Windows Update error 80240016 [ENG]

English version If you receive Windows Update error 80240016 while trying to install updates, it typically means that another installation is in progress. Wait until the installation is finished, and then try installing updates again. If you’re not sure which programs or devices are being installed or updated, check the notification area on your computer […]

How to export the RAID log with OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)

OMSA – Open Manage Server Administrator How to export the RAID log In case of any troubleshooting, with or without the technical support, it is really useful and in some cases essential for finding the failure. Note: To prevent any issue regarding the export of the log, please set your browser language to English. Otherwise […]

W protokole IPMI wykryto nowe lukij

Uwaga administratorzy – jeden z amerykańskich ekspertów do spraw bezpieczeństwa odkrył w oprogramowaniu używanym do zdalnego monitorowania serwerów i zarządzania nimi szereg nowych, bardzo niebezpiecznych luk. Znajdują się one w protokole IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management), który komunikuje się mikrokontrolerem BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) zagnieżdżanym na płytach głównych serwerów. BMC odbiera dane od czujników rozmieszczonych w […]