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QuickFix: vCenter 6 appliance space issue /storage/core out of space

Issue: vCenter 6 appliance space issue /storage/core out of space /storage/core folder shows 100% used. Resolution SSH into vCSA. issue the command “df -h” to display the disk space status ( /storage/core folder shows 100% used) CD into /storage/core directory issue the command “ls -l -t” to display the files by date. Delete the oldest first.  You […]

QuickTips: How can I tell the SRM version from the log files?

Example header from log file: 2016-11-01T01:49:50.889Z Section for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, pid=26888, version=6.1.0, build=3037005…. VMware Site Recovery Manager server logs are located on the server where SRM is installed, in the All Users profile: For SRM 4.x, 5.x , 6.x : On Windows XP and Server 2003: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\Logs\ […]

CLI Area – Linux

My useful list of commands for daily work (still in development): Description: Commands: Uptime for specific service #1 ps -eo pid,comm,lstart,etime,time,args | grep ServiceName Uptime for specific service #2 (pid) ls -al /proc | grep 18358 Lists installed RPM on linux rpm -qa Uninstall specific “PackageName” rpm -e PackageName  Report the size of directory tree […]